When precise temperature control and energy efficiency are critical to your facility, a sound thermal solution is essential. Your refrigeration can’t work properly unless your building envelope is strong and every area within your facility is designed to maintain its ideal temperature. That means appropriately insulating your walls, ceilings and roofs; using the right cold storage construction components; installing airtight, watertight vapor barriers; and much more.

ARI is an experienced thermal partner, equipped to work with your in-house team or general contractors, architects, developers and engineering firm on your cold storage design–build activities—from pre-construction, engineering, design and construction through closeout. Then we provide ongoing maintenance and service to keep your refrigerated facility consistently operating at peak performance.


Cold Storage Design–Build

ARI’s in-house engineers, designers and project managers lead the way in taking your commercial or industrial cold storage construction project from concept through completion. Our experts collaborate to create and implement a comprehensive solution that exceeds your expectations for precise temperature control, energy efficiency, compliance and sustainability.

Whether you’re looking for construction from the ground up or an expansion/update of an existing facility, we will begin the process by discussing your objectives, timeline, budget and other important aspects of your project with you. Then, our engineers and designers will brainstorm and analyze potential solutions. We’ll share our best recommendations with you so you can see how the facility will work, what it will look like and how it stacks up to your requirements.

During the cold storage design–build process, our project management team manages the coordination and planning to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget. This includes being onsite to personally monitor the performance of our installation team, making sure they uphold our high standards of excellence throughout every phase of the cold storage construction project build. Our people embrace these expectations, taking personal pride in having the opportunity to apply their knowledge and experience, and to work together as a cohesive team.

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Cold Storage Construction Components

Every cold storage design–build project—whether for a warehouse, processing plant or other type of facility—is unique, and ARI experts carefully consider every component we spec. We know how important it is to ensure the integrity of your building envelope, facilitate your workflows, and enable flexibility to accommodate your automation plans, whether they include automated guided vehicle (AGV) or other technologies.

From insulated metal panels and doors to dock systems and flooring, ARI offers high-performance, custom integrated solutions for all types of thermally controlled environments. The cold storage construction components we recommend for your facility may include:

  • Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) for Walls, Ceilings & Roofs
  • Box-in-a-Box Walls
  • Airtight, Watertight Vapor Barriers
  • Insulated Flooring & Thermal Breaks
  • Underfloor Heating Systems
  • Doors
  • Dock Systems
  • Heavy-Duty Protective Bollards
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Thermal Service, Maintenance & Support

The success of your cold storage construction project depends on not only getting every detail of the design and construction right, but also providing the ongoing service, maintenance and support that help ensure your facility runs efficiently and compliantly for years to come. ARI builds flexibility into every cold storage construction project we take on, so that you can achieve your goals of today and tomorrow.

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