Cold Chain Design-Build Services

ARI’s in-house engineers, designers and project managers lead the way in taking your commercial or industrial refrigeration or cold-chain facility project from concept to completion. Our experts collaborate to create and implement a comprehensive solution that meets or exceeds your expectations for precise temperature control, energy efficiency, compliance and sustainability.

First, we’ll discuss your objectives, timeline, budget and any other important aspects of your project, which may be construction from the ground up or an expansion/update of an existing facility. Then, our engineers and designers will brainstorm and analyze potential solutions. We’ll share our best recommendations with you so that you can see how the facility will work, what it will look like and how it stacks up to your requirements.

Cold Chain Services
Cold Chain Services
Cold Chain
During the construction and installation process, our project management team manages the coordination and planning to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget. This includes being onsite to personally monitor the performance of our installation team, making sure they uphold our high standards of excellence throughout every phase of the project build. Our people embrace these expectations, taking personal pride in having the opportunity to apply their knowledge and experience, and to work together as a cohesive team.
Cold Chain Services


Refrigeration Technology
& Equipment Specification
and Procurement

As the industry evolves faster than ever before, intelligent design is at the heart of any contemporary cold chain facility. ARI is a thought leader on refrigeration and cold chain facility technology: We stay on the cutting edge of innovation, providing cold chain services to help our clients ensure security, optimize for energy efficiency and sustainability, and transform their businesses in anticipation of changing consumer needs.

Cold Chain Services
Cold Chain Services
Cold Chain

ARI works with some of the most well-respected national and global cold chain OEMs so we can be sure we are always recommending the best technologies and equipment. We explore every appropriate option, determine which refrigeration equipment and automation would be ideal for your facility, and then procure it at a cost that supports your budget objectives.

Coolers & Freezers
Sensing & Controls
Condensing Units
Parallel Racks
Refrigerated Cases
Refrigerant Leak Detection


Thermally Controlled
Environment Solutions

From insulated metal panels and doors to dock systems and flooring, ARI offers high-performance, integrated solutions for thermally controlled environments. We help ensure the integrity of your building envelope, whether for a cold food storage facility, warehouse, processing plant or any other type of facility that requires precise temperature control.

Commercial and Industrial Cold Chain Solutions
Commercial and Industrial Cold Chain Solutions
Commercial and Industrial Cold Chain Solutions
Cold Chain

ARI will design a thermal control solution that addresses your unique needs and objectives,
incorporating materials that may include:

Insulated Metal Panels for Walls, Ceilings & Roofs
Insulated Flooring
Dock Systems
Heavy-Duty Protective Bollards
Commercial and Industrial Cold Chain Solutions


Cold Chain Facility Service & Maintenance

We know that keeping your facility cold is job one, and that regular maintenance and service are essential to achieving that goal. ARI is committed to helping you get the most from your cold chain facility and refrigeration system. Your Customer Success Team includes certified technicians with a wealth of expertise across all aspects of thermally controlled environments. They are focused on ensuring optimal performance from your equipment, reducing costly downtime and extending the life of your cold chain facility.

Commercial and Industrial Cold Chain Solutions
Commercial and Industrial Cold Chain Solutions
Cold Chain

We understand that every company—indeed, every facility—has its own unique service and maintenance needs. For example, if you have an in-house maintenance staff, then you probably don’t require a lot of external support. If you don’t have that internal support, then you may want a more robust service and maintenance plan. That’s why ARI gives you the option of choosing a plan that fits your unique needs.

As an ARI+ member, you will have access to the following, at a level that aligns with your membership status:
  • 24/7 Equipment Repair & Emergency Services
  • Equipment Cleaning & Inspection
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Site Assessments
Commercial and Industrial Cold Chain Solutions